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Andrew, presbyter at Rome, later bishop of Formia, 5th/6th c.

Reference to prosopography: PCBE Italie 1: Andreas 4, 5

Chronological and
geographical framework:

buried in Formia (Italy south of Rome and Sicily),
Attested presbyterial activity: 487 - 502 in Rome (Rome),


The funerary inscription [695] says that Andrew served as presbyter at Rome for twelve years, before being promoted to the bishopric of Formia in 502 AD. This identifies him nicely with the presbyter Andrew present at the councils of 495 AD and 499 AD [661] and [662], but leaves us with the presbyter Andrew who was present at the council of 487 AD [660]. We can follow PCBE in assuming that there were two Andrews, and we do not know exactly who of them participated in which council, or we can try to read "XII" from the inscription as "XV", which would allow the same Andrew to be present at all the councils that we have mentioned.


Ecclesiastical transfer
Further ecclesiastical career - Bishop
Functions within the Church - Urban presbyter
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
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