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Vincentius, a presbyter in the monastery on the island of Lérins in the first half of the 5th century, writes a treatise against the heretics. Account of Gennadius of Marseille "Lives of Illustrious Men", Marseille (Gaul), ca AD 490.
64 (199).
VINCENTIUS, natione Gallus, apud monasterium Lerinensis insulae presbyter, vir in Scripturis Sanctis doctus et notitia ecclesiasticorum dogmatum sufficienter instructus, conposuit ad evitanda haereticorum collegia, nitido satis et aperto sermone, validissimam disputationem, quam, absconso nomine suo, adtitulavit Peregrini adversum haereticos. Cuius operis quia secundi libri maximam in schedulis partem a quibusdam furatam perdidit, recapitulato eius paucis sermonibus sensu primo conpegit et in duo edidit. Moritur Theodosio et Valentiniano regnantibus.
(ed. E. Cushing Richardson 1896, p. 83)
64 (199).
Vincentius, the Gaul, presbyter in the Monastery on the Island of Lérins, a man learned in the Holy Scriptures and very well informed in matters of ecclesiastical doctrine, composed a powerful disputation on how to avoid teachings of the heretics, written in tolerably finished and clear language, which, suppressing his name, he entitled "[The book] against heretics" by Pilgrim. The greater part of the second book of this work having been stolen, he composed a brief reproduction of the substance of the original work, and published in one [book]. He died in the reign of Theodosius and Valentinianus.
(trans. E. Cushing Richardson, changed by J. Szafranowski)


Theodosius II died in 450 and Valentinian III died in 455; therefore, Vincentius must have died before 450.

Place of event:

  • Gaul
  • Lérins

About the source:

Author: Gennadius of Marseille
Title: De viris illustribus, Lives of Illustrious Men, De viris inlustribus, On the Lives of Famous Men On the Lives of Famous Men
Origin: Marseille (Gaul)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
The "Lives of Illustrious Men" by Gennadius of Marseille is the continuation of Jerome`s work bearing the same title. It contains 99 additional additional entries on different famous ecclesiestatics. It was written in the end of 5th century. At one point Gennadius writes that the death of presbyter and monk Theodore (Theodulus) of Coelesyria  occured `three years ago, in the reign of Zeno` (died AD 491). Gennadius also knows that pope Gelasius died (AD 496) and Julianus Pomerius is considered alive (d. AD 498). Therefore, Gennadius composed majority of his work most probably in the first half of the 490s.
E. Cushing Richardson ed., Hieronymus liber De viris inlustribus; Gennadius liber De viris inlustribus, Leipzig 1896, 57-97.


Functions within the Church - Monastic presbyter
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Monastic or common life - Cenobitic monk
Writing activity
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