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Ildefonsus, bishop of Toledo (Iberian Peninsula), mentions the letters of Montanus, bishop of Toledo, concerning the presbyters of Palencia (Iberian Peninsula, ca AD 527). Account of Ildefonsus of Toledo, "On the Lives of Famous Men", ca AD 657/667.
2. [...] Scripsit epistolas duas ecclesiasticae utilitatis disciplina consertas, e quibus unam Palentiae habitatoribus. In qua presbyteres chrisma conficere episcopos que alienae diocesis alterius territorii ecclesias consecrare magna perhibetur prohibere auctoritate, sacrarum litterarum testimoniis adfirmans, id ipsum fieri penitus non licere. Amatores quoque Priscillianae sectae licet non operarentur eadem, quia tamen memoriam eius amore retinerent, abdicat et exprobrat commemorans quod in libris beatissimi Turibii episcopi ad Leonem papam missis eadem Priscillianorum haeresis detecta, conuicta atque decenter maneat abdicata. Aliam uero epistolam ad Turibium religiosum, in qua conlaudans eum quod culturam destruxerit idolorum, conmittit ei sacerdotalis auctoritatem uigoris, per quam presbyteres chrisma conficere et episcopos alienae sortis alterius diocesis ecclesias consecrare magna compescat inuectione.
(eds. V. Yarza Urquiola, C. Codoñer 2007: 603)
2. [...] He wrote two helpful epistles dealing with ecclesiastical discipline. One he sent to the inhabitants of Palencia, in which it is said that using his great authority, he forbade presbyters to consecrate chrism or bishops to consecrate churches in dioceses other than their own, asserting with proofs from the Scriptures that it was in no way permitted to do these things. He condemned and rebuked sympathisers of the Priscillian sect because although they did not practise their beliefs, they cherished Priscillian's memory; recalling that in the works of the most blessed Bishop Turibius which he had sent to Pope Leo this self-same heresy of the Priscillians had been exposed and refuted and ought rightly to remain condemned. He wrote another epistle to the devout Turibius in which he praised him for having put an end to the worship of idols and granted him the authority of a bishop through which he might with all vigour put an end to presbyters consecrating chrism and to bishops consecrating churches in dioceses other than their own.
(trans. A.T. Fear 1997: 110-11)


For the letters of Montanus of Toledo see [179], [180], [182], [198]. Ildefonsus wrongly understands the meaning of the letter to Toribius. Toribius was not a bishop of Palencia and was not granted this honour by Montanus. Montanus only makes an allusion to a certain chorbishop, most probably a former bishop of Palencia who had been demoted. As the case is obscure Ildefonsus wrongly interpreted Montanus's allusions as referring to Toribius.

Place of event:

  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Toledo

About the source:

Author: Ildefonsus of Toledo
Title: On the Lives of Famous Men, De viris illustribus, Lives of Illustrious Men
Origin: Toledo (Iberian Peninsula)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
Ildefonsus of Toledo wrote the continuation of the `De viris illustribus` of Isidore of Seville during the time of his episcopacy in Toledo sometime between 657 and 667.
V. Yarza Urquiola, C. Codoñer eds., Ildefonsi Toletani De virginitate Sanctae Mariae, De cognitione baptismi, De itinere deserti, De viris illustribus, Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina 114A, Turnhout 2007
A.T. Fear, Lives of the Visigothic fathers, Liverpool 1997


Writing activity - Correspondence
    Religious grouping (other than Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian) - Priscillianist
      Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
        Usurping episcopal power
          Ritual activity - Blessing of oil
            Relation with - Bishop/Monastic superior
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