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Canon 3 of the First Council of Vaison (Gaul, AD 442) regulates the manner in which presbyters should collect the chrism from bishops.
[Capitulum secundum codd. A et R] III. De crismante ante diem paschalem petendam.
[Capitulum secundum coll. Hispanam] III. Vt ab alterius episcopo chrisma nullus accipiat.
Per singula territoria presbyteri uel ministri ab episcopis, non prout libitum fuerit, a uicinioribus, sed a suis propriis per annos singulos chrisma petant, adpropinquante solemnitate paschali, nec per quemcumque ecclesiasticum, sed si qua necessitas aut ministrorum occupatio est, per subdiaconum: quia inhonorum est inferioribus summa committi, optimum autem est ut ipse suscipiat qui in tradendo usurus est; si quid obstat, saltem is cuius officii est sacrarium disponere et sacramenta suscipere.
(ed. Munier 1963: 97, 103)
[Title according to the codices A and R] III. Concerning the cleric (crismans) who asks for a chrism before Easter.
[Title according to the Hispana collection] III. That no one should collect the chrism from another bishop [than his own].
In each territory, when it comes near to Easter festivities, presbyters or ministers [of the altar] in each year should ask for a chrism not from bishops who are closer to them, as would please them, but from their own. They also should not do it by means of whatever churchman, but if there is a necessity or they are occupied by their duties [and cannot do it themselves], by a subdeacon: as it is improper to commit something which is highest to those who are inferior. It is therefore best if the same person would collect [the chrism] which would [later] administer its usage. If this is impossible, at least someone whose duty it is to administer at the sanctuary [sacrarium] and receive the sacraments.
(trans. J. Szafranowski)


The exact meaning of the word sacrarium used in this context is not clear. It is most probably the place where the altar used to stand [i.e. a sanctuary] but it may be also understood as a sacristy.

Place of event:

  • Gaul
  • Vaison

About the source:

Title: First Council of Vaison 442, Concilium Vasense I anno 442
Origin: Vaison (Gaul)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
The First Council of Vaison was held on the Ides of November (i.e. 13th of November) in 442 under Bishop Auspicius of Vaison. Twenty-three bishops were either present or had sent their representatives.
Ch. Munier ed., Concilia Galliae a. 314-a. 506, Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina 148, Turnhoult 1963.


Functions within the Church - Parish presbyter
    Functions within the Church - Rural presbyter
      Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
        Ritual activity - Blessing of oil
          Ritual activity - Celebrating feasts
            Relation with - Bishop/Monastic superior
              Relation with - Lower cleric
                Described by a title - Minister/λειτουργός/ὑπηρέτης
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