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Canon 5 of the Sixth Council of Toledo (Iberian Peninsula, AD 638) forbids clerics to use ecclesiastical property with damage to the Church`s wealth.
Canon 5
De stipendis clericorum, ne a iure alienentur ecclesiarum.
Saepe fit ut proprietati originis obsistat longinquitas temporis; quapropter prouidentes decernimus ut quisquis clericorum uel aliorum stipendium de rebus ecclesiae cuiuscumque episcopi percipit largitate, sub precariae nomine debeat professionem scribere nec per tentionem diuturnam praeiudicium afferat ecclesiae, et quaecumque in usu perceperit, debeat utiliter laborare, ut nec res diuini iuris uideantur aliqua occasione neglegi et subsidium ab ecclesia cui deseruiunt, percipere possint clerici. Quod si quis eorum contempserit facere, ipse se stipendio suo uidebitur priuari.
(eds. Martinez Diez, Rodriguez 1992: 294, 308-309)
Canon 5
On the provision of clerics so that nothing is alienated from the property of churches
It often happens that the length of time opposes the original ownership. Therefore, we providently decree that a cleric or other person who received a provision from the property of some church by the generosity of its bishop, shall make a written declaration in the form of a petitionary document that he would not cause damage to the church by prolonged possession, and that whatever he has right to use, he shall cultivate it beneficially so that it would not seem that the property of divine law is neglected for some reason. Also clerics serving to the church shall get subsidies from this church. He who neglects to do that shall be deprived of his provision.
(trans. M. Szada)

Place of event:

  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Gaul
  • Toledo

About the source:

Title: Sixth Council of Toledo (638), VI Council of Toledo, VI Concilium Toletanum, Concilium VI Toletanum, Concilium Toletanum sextum a. 638
Origin: Toledo (Iberian Peninsula)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
It was another council (after the Fifth Council of Toledo) summoned by King Chintila (ruled 636-639). Fifty-three bishops attended.
G. Martínez Díez, F. Rodríguez eds., La colección canónica Hispana, Monumenta Hispaniae sacra. Serie canónica 5, Madrid 1992.


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