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Canon 4 of the Sixth Council of Toledo (Iberian Peninsula, AD 638) forbids symony and imposes punishments to those who bought eclesiastical offices.
Canon 4
De damnatione clericorum per pecuniam ecclesiasticos gradus assequentium
Saepe pullulantia prauitatum germina, licet saepissima Patrum iusta nouerimus seueritate damnata, tamen quia crebris conspiciuntur denuo uigere radicibus, iustitiae acriori uigore radicitus ea amputare sancimus; proinde quicunque Simonis imitator Simoniacae quoque haeresis exstiterit auctor ut ecclesiasticorum ordinum gradus non dignitate morum obtineat, sed munerum impensione conquirat et per oblata munera capiat - quibus hunc nec rationis ordo nec dignitas morum ulla commendat -, talis inuentus sacrorum ordinum apices penitus adipiscere nullo modo permittatur; sed et si adeptus fuerit, communione priuatus cum ordinatoribus suis propriorum bonorum amissione damnetur.
(eds. Martinez Diez, Rodriguez 1992: 294, 307-308)
Canon 4
On the condemnation of clerics who have been promoted to the ecclesiastical grades because they had paid for it.
Seeds of depravity sprout again and again, though we know that they have been frequently damned by the fathers with just severity. Because they seem to strike again with many roots, we decree to uproot them with the great strength of justice. Hence, if an imitator of Simon and a promoter of the Symoniac heresy was promoted to the ecclesiastical grades not because of his merit, but because he strived to get it through payments and obtained it through gifts - and he was exposed - he should be allowed by no means to reach the summits of the holy orders. But if he already reached them, he shall be deprived of communion and damned together with his ordinators, and he shall lose all property.
(trans. M. Szada)

Place of event:

  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Gaul
  • Toledo

About the source:

Title: Sixth Council of Toledo (638), VI Council of Toledo, VI Concilium Toletanum, Concilium VI Toletanum, Concilium Toletanum sextum a. 638
Origin: Toledo (Iberian Peninsula)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
It was another council (after the Fifth Council of Toledo) summoned by King Chintila (ruled 636-639). Fifty-three bishops attended.
G. Martínez Díez, F. Rodríguez eds., La colección canónica Hispana, Monumenta Hispaniae sacra. Serie canónica 5, Madrid 1992.


Described by a title - Clericus
    Simony/Buying office
      Administration of justice - Ecclesiastical
        Administration of justice - Excommunication/Anathema
          Administration of justice - Financial punishment
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