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Canon 2 of the Second Council of Barcelona (Iberian Peninsula, AD 599) forbids charging diocesan bishops for the chrism used for the confirmation of neophytes.
Canon 2
Simili etiam statutum condicione est, ut cum chrism[a] presbyteris dioecesanis pro neofit[o]s confirmandos datur, nicil pro liquoris pretio accipiatur, ne gratia Dei pretio benedictionis affecta simoniacum interitum ementibus vendentibusque adsociet.
(ed. Vives 1963: 159)
Canon 2
Under the similar condition (as mentioned in the canon 1, [459]) it is decreed that when chrism is given to diocesan presbyters to confirm neophytes, no payment shall be received for this oil so that the grace of God tainted by a payment for blessing will not bring the simoniac ruin on sellers and buyers.
(trans. M. Szada)

Place of event:

  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Barcelona

About the source:

Title: The Second Council of Barcelona 599 AD, Concilium Barcinonense secundum a. 599
Origin: Barcelona (Iberian Peninsula)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
The Second Council of Barcelona was held in November AD 599 during the reign of King Reccared (586-601) in the province of Tarragona under the presidency of the metropolitan bishops of this province Asiaticus (Hefele 1895: 428; Schäferdiek 1967: 223-224).
J. Vives ed., Concilios visigóticos e hispano-romanos, Barcelona-Madrid 1963
C.J. Hefele, A History of the Councils of the Church from the Original Documents, v. 4, Edinburgh 1895.
K. Schäferdiek, Die Kirche in den Reichen der Westgoten und Suewen bis zur Errichtung der westgotischen katholischen Staatskirche, Berlin 1967.


Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
    Simony/Buying office
      Ritual activity - Baptism and instructing catechumens
        Ritual activity - Anointment with chrism
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