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Canon 5 of the First Council of Barcelona (Iberian Peninsula, ca AD 540) orders which prayers presbyters shall say in the presence of the bishop.
Canon 5
Ut episcopo praesente orationes presbyteri in ordine colligant.
(ed. Vives 1963: 53)
Canon 5
When a bishop is present, presbyters shall say prayers in order.
(trans. M. Szada)


Orationem colligere means exactly the same as collectam dicere (Du Cange, Glossarium, s.v. Collecta 8). The collect is a prayer said during the mass. The meaning of the whole canon is nevertheless unclear. Pinell (1957: 386, n. 5) suggested that in the presence of the bishop presbyters can say only the collects of the psalm, while the final collect and the blessing are reserved to the bishop.

Place of event:

  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Barcelona

About the source:

Title: Concil of Barcelona, Concilium Barcinonense a. 540
Origin: Barcelona (Iberian Peninsula)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
The provincial council was held at Barcelona ca 540 (for the date see Orlandis, Ramos-Lissón 1986: 120-121 and Schäferdiek 1967: 85-86) by the metropolitan Bishop Sergius of Tarragona. The other six bishops were present: Nibridius of Barcelona, Carontius of Emporiae (modern Ampurias), Andreas of Lerida, Stafilius of Gerona, John of Saragossa, and Asellus of Tortosa (see the preface to the canons of the council, Vives 1963: 53). In the Hispana collection the document De fisco Barcinonesi is attached to the canons. It is unrelated to them and was written in the times of King Reccared (586-601).
J. Vives ed., Concilios visigóticos e hispano-romanos, Barcelona-Madrid 1963.
G. Martínez Díez, F. Rodríguez eds., La colección canónica Hispana, Monumenta Hispaniae sacra. Serie canónica 5, Madrid 1966.
J.M. Pinell, "El oficio hispano-visigotico", Hispania Sacra 10 (1957), 385-427.


Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
    Ritual activity - Eucharist
      Ritual activity - Concelebration
        Relation with - Bishop/Monastic superior
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