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Canon 11 of the Fourth Council of Orléans (Gaul, AD 541) forbids abbots and presbyters to seize for themselves things conferred on them as heads of monasteries or parishes.
Canon 11
Si quid abbatibus aut sacris monastheriis aut parrociis pro Dei fuerit contemplatione conlatum, in sua proprietate hoc abbates uel presbyteri minime reuocabunt nec alienare rem cunctis fratribus debitam quacumque occasione praesumant. Quibus si fuerit inpositum, ut constituta conuellant, non aliter ualeat, nisi fuerit sui episcopi suscriptione firmatum.
(ed. de Clercq 1963: 134-135)
Canon 11
If anything has been conferred on abbots either in the holy monasteries or in the parishes for the contemplation of God, the abbots or presbyters should in no way turn this into their own possession, nor should they presume, for whatever reason, to alienate a property dedicated to all the brothers. If they find themselves impelled to contravene what has been decided, let [the transaction] not be valid unless it is confirmed by the attestation of their bishop.
(trans. J. Szafranowski)


The term abbas - abbot seems to be applied here to both heads of monastic communities and of the particular parish church along with its clergy.

Place of event:

  • Gaul
  • Orléans

About the source:

Title: The Fourth Council of Orléans, Concilium Aurelianense anno 541
Origin: Orléans (Gaul)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
This council, convened on 14 May 541 in Orléans, was quite numerous: it gathered five metropolitans (of Bourges, Bordeaux, Eauze, Rouen, and Tours), thirty-seven other bishops, and, representing their bishops, eleven presbyters and one abbot. It is impossible to establish which king was or kings were mainly responsible for this synod. This is the first council of the Frankish Church which was attended by the bishops from the metropolitan province of Arles. Ceasarius of Arles himself was unable to come (he was 71 at the time), but thirteen bishops of his province were present.
C. de Clercq ed., Concilia Galliae a. 511-a. 695, Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina 148 A, Turnhout 1963.
J. Gaudemet, B. Basdevant, Les canons des conciles mérovingiens VIe-VIIe siècles, Sources chrétiennes 353, Paris 1989.


Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
    Described by a title - Abba
      Ecclesiastical administration - Administering Church property
        Public law - Ecclesiastical
          Relation with - Bishop/Monastic superior
            Private law - Ecclesiastical
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