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ER 1247
A presbyter leads the prayers at the funeral. Account of Tertullian, "On the Soul", Carthage (North Africa), AD 207/213.
Chapter 51
6. [...] Scio feminam quandam uernaculam ecclesiae, forma et aetate integra functam, post unicum et breue matrimonium cum in pace dormisset et morante adhuc sepultura interim oratione presbyteri componeretur, ad primum halitum orationis manus a lateribus dimotas in habitum supplicem conformasse rursum que condita pace situi suo reddidisse.
(ed. J. Waszink 1954: 857-858)
Chapter 51
6. [...] I am acquainted with the case of a woman, grown in the Church, who in the very flower of her age and beauty slept peacefully (in Jesus), after a singularly happy though brief married life. Before they laid her in her grave, and when the presbyter began the prayer, at its very first breath of she withdrew her hands from her side, placed them in an attitude of devotion, and after the holy service was concluded restored them to their lateral position.
(trans. P. Holmes,, slighltly altered)

Place of event:

  • Latin North Africa

About the source:

Author: Tertullian
Title: On the Soul, De anima
Origin: Carthage (Latin North Africa)
Denomination: Montanist
Tertullian was born and active in Carthage (North Africa). He was most probably trained as a lawyer. He converted to Christianity before AD 197. His rigorist views drew him towards the Montanists (before AD 207), and eventually he distanced himself even from them, creating a party of his own. He died after AD 220. He may have been a presbyter [402]. He left many writings, both from the Catholic and Montanist period.
“On the soul” was written in the early Montanist period. It refutes the philosophical and Gnostic errors.
J.H. Waszink ed., Q.S.Fl. Tertulliani De anima, Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina 2, Turnhout 1954, 779-869.


Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
    Ritual activity - Presiding at prayer
      Ritual activity - Burying the dead
        Devotion - Supernatural experience
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